It's Okay to be Different Thorina-BinaThis book teaches children that everyone is different in their own way.  It’s about Thorina-Bina, our family’s tortoise-shell cat, who was born different.  She not only looked different, she acted and was treated differently by the others.  We always thought her story would make a good children’s book, and this year, the idea became a reality.  This book was a collaboration with my husband Marty, who can hear animals talk.  The people I’ve shown it to love the story for its message, especially those who are teachers or parents.  Kids like the pictures, since there are not only cats, but also, a gopher tortoise, lizard, raccoons, armadillo, squirrel, mouse, dogs, duck, and snake in the book.

Teachers can use the story to start discussions about being different, bullying, disabilities, self-respect, self-esteem, and most of all, tolerance for others. Kids may feel more comfortable participating in a discussion about animal differences, instead of differences in kids their own age. In the end, Thorina-Bina learns that it’s okay to be different . . . she’s just a different kind of cat.


TT book coverTired Thyroid, my first book.

Written to help thyroid patients find their optimal dose, this book contains groundbreaking information found nowhere else.  Iodine supplementation, thyroid’s role in osteoporosis, and the flaws of the standard TSH test are just a few of the chapter topics.  Thyroid physiology is explained in simple layman’s terms.  Patients will finally understand why so many don’t feel well, even though they’re taking their prescribed medication.

Both doctors and patients are calling it the absolute best book on thyroid.

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Maui Cover Kahekili 2 inchI was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, but visited Maui many times when we came back for family visits.  In these ebooks, I review some of the places we visited and beaches we snorkeled.  These books are digital scrapbooks, with numerous photos illustrating the reviews.   That’s my son and me boogie boarding at Slaughterhouse Beach.  

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Oahu Cover Lanikai 2 inchAs a former Honolulu resident, I had to decide what parts of Oahu I wanted my son to see whenever we came back for a visit.  I showed him the fun things, not the touristy spots.  There are photos of him diving off the rock at Waimea Bay on the North Shore, swimming to an island off Kailua, and eating shave ice.  I also review some of my favorite local restaurants.

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